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The INSERT Series of ad notam is a true option that enriches your home not just for entertainment reasons. Recessed into the wall, the cool design of the INSERT Series offers not only a modern and stylish alternative to a standard flat screen TV, but also a sophisticated decorative addition to any environment. Combined with one of ad notams high-quality Mirror solutions, the MIRROR IMAGE screen will turn your product into an infotainment unit “communicating” with its surrounding, meeting the highest standard in image quality and design.

With INSERT of ad notam, a dovetailing transition from TV to wall is possible in the most elegant way!

Use our new online configurator to customize your individual ad notam INSERT TV. Choose and define mirror, screen, accessories and more – and see how your dream of a Mirror TV comes true.


  • State of the art technology
  • High brightness screen
  • Hospitality features
  • Invisible loudspeaker
  • Slimline remote control
  • Easy to install

Upgrade options